About us

who are we?

Aria Bandar Sepenta Shipping Company started operating in 2012 with the aim of providing services to import and export customers in Tehran with 15 years of management experience.

By using the expertise of experienced and experienced people, this company has been able to provide all sea, air, land, rail, domestic and foreign transit, NVOCC, SOC containers services.

Aria Bandar Sepenta shipping agent company was established in Tehran with the aim of operating in the field of all transportation matters and providing related services. This company has an activity license issued by the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran and the Customs Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

All sea, air, land, multimodal transport services and goods transit, clearance, logistics and in general all cases and steps related to the supply chain in Iran and all parts of the world in cooperation with prominent international and domestic transport companies. Regional, on a professional scale and with quality, it offers unmatched speed and safety.

Using an experienced and professional staff, this company is proud to be one of the most famous, experienced and advanced operators in the field of international transportation, seeking to achieve successful business and gain the satisfaction and trust of customers. to announce that with full knowledge of the importance of this industry and its special place in promoting a healthy economy, it is able to send goods from any part of Iran to all parts of the world and vice versa.

And it has always taken effective steps to improve the quality of its performance, provide better services and expand its scope of activity.

Our main goal is to establish a stable and trust-based relationship with our dear customers by fast, reliable shipping and reasonable cost proposal.

Goals and strategies

Our main activities are:

  • Shipping by container (LCL & FCL) from all sources to domestic ports and vice versa
  • Sea transportation by all kinds of containers with different shapes and dimensions
  • Carrying air cargo from all sources to Iran and vice versa
  • Ground transportation from all European sources and other places by truck in the form of small or closed cargo
  • Ground transportation of goods with non-standard dimensions from all sources by special trucks
  • Rail transport by rail from European sources and other places to domestic and foreign customs
  • Carrying heavy and extra heavy cargo from all domestic and foreign sources
  • Internal and external transit
  • Multimodal transportation (use of several modes of transportation to transport cargo)
  • Dangerous goods service by different modes of transport under relevant conventions and laws
  • Carrying project goods
  • Consulting on international transportation of goods and all related services, clearance of goods, insurance and packing of goods