Road transportation

Road and multimodal transportation play a very important role in our freight solutions.

Retail cargo transportation services (less than the full capacity of the truck or LTL) and full truckload (full capacity of the truck or FTL) from all European countries, Great Britain, Turkey, Iran and CIS countries, including the possibility of consolidating in different warehouses that play the role of integration centers. It enables the company to provide the safe and timely transfer of land cargo.

Our company is the provider of the most regular direct and indirect transportation services (transshipment) of cargo by truck. Based on the type of project, the mentioned services can be offered to the customers and their basic needs, including the use of the tracking and tracing system in order to continuously monitor the shipments.

  • Retail service or groupage

Weekly services for transporting retail cargo and mixed cargo by truck from the origin of Europe, the United Kingdom and Turkey to the Middle East and vice versa at affordable prices, as well as direct shipping service from various warehouses located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey to the Middle East and CIS countries to customers. Kind regards.

  • ADR truck carrying dangerous goods

Due to the conclusion of contracts with experienced carriers (Turkey, Bulgaria and Iran fleets), this company is able to provide direct and indirect transshipment, in a reliable and professional manner.

  • Closed truck services

Due to having a ground fleet equipped with 120 tent and refrigerated trucks, as well as having strong representatives in Europe, this company is able to provide direct and indirect delivery of goods by closed truck through its office in Bulgaria (Transshipment), in a way It is reliable and professional.

The service of transporting pharmaceutical items, perishable materials and food with a refrigerated truck can be provided in a specialized manner. In this type of transportation, the cleanliness of the trucks and their temperature control are ensured before the delivery of the cargo until reaching the final destination.

  • Project predicates

By using experienced experts in the field of moving bulky, super-heavy cargo and heavy machinery through flatbed trucks, back breakers, car carriers, through partners and experienced and equipped transporters, we are able to carry out complex and special projects in a safe and professional manner.