Air transportation

This company has been able to provide a wide range of air transportation services for the transportation of general cargo, medicine, perishable, dangerous or other goods related to various industries by benefiting from regular service all over the world. Through air transportation, we can send any type of cargo, in any dimension and size, and customs clearance solutions and door to door delivery (from the door of origin to the door of destination) are also among our other services.

In the matter of air transportation, time and speed are more important than anything else, and in this system, it is possible to track and follow the shipments at any moment.

Our range of services:

  • Providing suitable time solutions by introducing different airlines
  • Shipment of goods based on all shipping terms FOB, CPT, DAT, DDP, EXW, FCA
  • General cargo, perishables, pharmaceutical or health care items, dangerous cargo
  • Import, export, transit, temporary entry
  • Express and vanguard delivery
  • Delivery from origin to destination (door to door)
  • Transporting goods as consular (under one main bill of lading and several sub-bills of lading)
  • Exhibition cargo – temporary entry
  • Air transport + multimodal combination
  • The service of receiving an immediate warehouse bill or receiving the goods as a single shipment under the flight and freight insurance at the request of the goods owner
  • Consulting and providing clearance services if needed by the owner of the goods
  • Charter flights for import or export

Export services:

  • Carrying out export customs affairs
  • Receive the goods
  • Book the best and fastest flights
  • Clearance and delivery of goods at the destination as DDP or DAT