Ocean Freight

Maritime transportation is one of the most common and major methods of international transportation, and according to the announcement of the United Nations Development and Trade Conference, in 2015, about 1687 million tons of goods were moved by 177.6 million containers. Usually, sea freight is the cheapest way to move goods. With this method, large and small shipments can be moved. Because this company can cover sea transportation all over the world; Therefore, it guarantees that it is able to deliver the cargo to its destination in the shortest possible time.

It doesn’t matter if the volume of your cargo is less than the load of a container (LCL), or the size of a full container (FCL), or it has dimensions outside the dimensions of a container (OOG), or it can be transported in bulk or charter; In any case, in addition to providing transportation services, we can also help your business with Sea-Worthy Packaging and customs clearance.

Container services

Due to the provision of full container services in sizes of 20, 40 and 45 feet, this company has been able to send various cargoes from different sources to all parts of the world. Also, due to close connections with reliable shipping lines all over the world, including Hafez Darya Aria Shipping and NVOCC shipping, this company can provide shipping services.

Providing these services through different types of containers required by customers include normal, refrigerated, open top, flat rack, etc. containers.

Retail or groupage service

In a situation where the volume of the cargo is less than one container and it is not economical to transport it as a full container, by collecting several homogeneous cargoes and combining them, it is possible to transport them in 20 and 40 feet containers as LCL service.

By relying on combined solutions and having experienced foreign representatives, this company has been able to transport small sea cargo from Asian and European countries to Bandar Abbas without wasting time and at affordable prices through LCL services.

Project predicates

Nowadays, bulk carriers carry project cargoes with different capacities all over the world.

Cargoes that cannot be transported in containers, including machinery, equipment, steel pipes and heavy vehicles, are transported in bulk.

This company has been able to transport many projects in bulk from all over the world to Iran and vice versa due to its many experiences in the field of transporting project cargo.