NVOCC Service

Combined transportation is one of the most economical methods of international transportation, which has paved the way for global trade for merchants around the world by using at least two types of vehicles.

In combined transportation, cargo is unloaded from one vehicle and then transferred to another carrier.
Combined transportation is more practical for freight companies that have long distances between their destinations.

Several definitions of combined transport have been provided; In other words, multimodal transport is basically an international combination through transport by different methods such as ship, rail, truck, plane, etc., which is mainly done using containers. It should be noted that combined transportation is one of the most common methods of sea transportation, which is very widely used due to its high flexibility in transporting commercial cargo.

Arya Bandar Sepanta Shipping Agency has been able to transport many cargoes from all parts of the world by providing multi-modal transportation service to the goods owners and developing combined transportation to several modes of transportation (road-sea-air).

During the embargo period and due to the non-cooperation of most European countries, this company has always tried to send several shipments to Iran using the best methods of transportation and changing documents.